Nxt Technology List

Nxt Account Control

The Account Control feature is in active development and will implement a number of methods for applying limits and controls on Nxt accounts.

Account Control will include setting a lock on an account to prohibit any outgoing transactions and defining a set of rules for unlocking the account.

Nxt Alias System

The Alias System translates alphanumeric text into almost anything: Nxt account addresses, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, SKU codes, and more. This not only gives Nxt the ability to function as a Decentralized DNS system, but adds additional possibilities for mapping short names to other entities. Aliases can be bought and sold within the Nxt Wallet. Transactions can be sent to an alias assigned to an account.

Nxt Anti Deflation

Anti Deflation is a feature planned for Nxt Technology and dependent on Economic Clustering

Nxt Arbitrary Messages

Nxt Arbitrary Messages were implemented at a block height of 40,000 blocks. This feature allows Nxt users to send small amounts of data through the decentralized network. The term "message" is loose: this feature can be used to send simple text messages, but can also be used to send up to 1000 bytes of any data. As a result, it can be used to build file-sharing services, decentralized applications, and higher-level Nxt services.

Nxt Asset Exchange

Asset Exchange is the Decentralized Marketplace of Nxt.

It is where any any asset, digital or physical, can be traded peer to peer without the need for a centralised third party. The Asset Exchange concept is often generally referred to as Coloured Coins in the cryptocurrency world. The Voting System feature is dependent on the Nxt Asset Exchange.

Nxt Blockchain Shrinking

Blockchain Shrinking, a mechanism for reducing the size of the blockchain is part of the future development of Nxt Technology and will be available after Distributed Storage

Nxt Coin Shuffling

Coin Shuffling is a feature currently under development as part of Nxt Technology. Coin Shuffling is dependent on Monetary Systems.

Nxt Credit System

Credit System is part of the future development of Nxt Technology and is dependent on Monetary Systems and Rights Management.

Nxt Distributed Storage

Nxt Distributed Storage will be a decentralized network for file storage, similar to torrents. Distributed Storage is a future development of Nxt Technology and will be available after the Service Providers feature.

Nxt Economic Clustering

Economic Clustering is planned for development as part of Nxt Technology and requires Transparent Forging

Nxt Fact Digitization

Fact Digitization will be developed as part of Nxt Technology after Voting System and Knowledge Base

Nxt Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration is a future feature planned for Nxt Technology and is dependent on the development of Social Graph

Nxt Instant Transactions

Instant Transactions is a feature planned for Nxt Technology and under active development. It will be a mechanism for sending transactions through the network with "guaranteed" confirmations, making transactions valid almost instantaneously.

Nxt Intelligent Agent Interfacing

Intelligent Agent Interfacing is a feature planned for Nxt Technology that will provide a standard for interfacing with bots. it will define protocols for sending transactions, reading state of the objects created during transaction processing and for other things necessary for usage of Nxt by robots.

Nxt Judgement System

Judgement System is planned for future development of Nxt Technology and requires the Rule Sets feature.

Nxt Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a planned feature for Nxt Technology and will make possible both Fact Digitization and Rule Sets.

Nxt Mapping

Mapping is a feature planned for development of Nxt Technology

Nxt Market Place

The Nxt Marketplace is a protocol for decentralized, peer-to-peer stores for any kind of digital goods. Digital items may be listed and purchased now inside the Nxt Wallet.

Nxt Monetary System

Monetary System now active in Nxt Clients.

Monetary System allows you to create new currencies backed by NXT. New coins are created by "locking" NXTs. This could be thought as similar to “burning” Nxt but this is inaccurate as the process can be reversed. If you destroy 7% of the supply the created coins then you get 7% of the locked NXTs back. You are unable to lock more NXTs into the coin once it is created so the supply can’t be inflated. Transaction fees for coins created in the Monetary System can only be paid in NXT.

Nxt Parallel Chains

Parallel Block Chains are a planned future feature of Nxt Technology.

Nxt Phasing

Phasing is a feature planned for the future of Nxt Technology.

Nxt Reputation System

Reputation System is a feature planned for future development of Nxt Technology. Reputation System is dependent on The development of Social Graph and will lay the ground work for Global Collaboration.

Nxt Rights Management

Rights Management is part of the future development of Nxt Technology and is required for Credit System

Nxt Rule Sets

Rule Sets is part of the future development of Nxt Technology.

Nxt Service Providers

Service Providers are developers who make use of Nxt to provide Services ‘on top’ of the Nxt Platform.

Nxt Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts is a feature under active development for Nxt Technology. Smart Contracts will facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. With Smart Contracts many kinds of contractual clauses may be made partially or fully self-executing, self-enforcing, or both. Smart contracts provide security superior to traditional contract law and reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting.

Nxt Social Graph

Social Graph is a planned feature for Nxt Technology. The development of Social Graph will make Reputation System possible.

Nxt Transparent Forging

Transparent Forging is partially implemented and further stages are under active development. Nxt will implement a novel "transparent forging" system that will temporarily penalize accounts that do not participate in the proof-of-stake block verification process. This will encourage holders of non-trivial amounts of Nxt to actively participate in the network, instead of merely holding a balance in order to collect transmission fees.

Nxt Voting System

The secure, encrypted, consensus-based nature of the Nxt network allows the implementation of a voting system that guarantees anonymity and security, without relying on a central authority to tally votes. Nxt Voting System is dependent on the Asset Exchange.